Florida lightning strikes and Electric Fence

On a recent trip to Florida, we noted the issues that Florida farmers and rancher face with lightning strikes on electric fence. It is a location where power surges from lightning can destroy any electric fence charger.

How to protect your fence:

Cyclops energizers have the worlds best lightning protection. Also, cyclops fencers use inline fuses on both the fence and incoming power ends. Lightning strikes can effect the fencer from the power in. Since many farms are located at the ends of power lines, the power surges can come in and blow up the energizer.

What you can do:

We recommend that all energizers be on surge protectors. With the cyclops brand, rest assure that your fence charger will last the best under the worst conditions that Mother Nature sends us. Be safe when storms come in, get out of the weather and seek shelter.

Remember that Cyclops electric fence charger are there working to keep you electric fence working and your farm successful.


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